Monday, March 30, 2015

Beautiful minds

I love growing and learning new things in this business. Every time that I meet new photographer friends I realize how unique we each are. Athough the market may be saturated with many talented artists, we each have our own individual style. I have been having such a difficult time figuring out what mine was... Until now :) I finally feel like I have a handle on my style and who I am as an artist. I have a vision of where I want my business to go  and I can't wait to enjoy the journey! I can't explain to you how much soul searching is done just being an entrepreneur, it takes so much hard work, blood sweat and tears, I have a place in my heart for all those who understand that it's so much more than just taking pictures!

 A big thanks to Emmy Lowe Photo for letting me hang out with her and all of the other beautiful minds that attended her workshop and those made it all happen. Model: Nattalie MarleyHair by Sunnie Rushton Makeup Artist: Jill Marie

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nixxon is 2

Isn't Nixxon the cutest?! He didn't think I was very funny, but we managed to get a few smiles out of him. Happy Birthday Nixon, we hope you eat lots of cake and get even more gifts than you can play with in a day! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Julian & Breona

I headed up to logan to hang out with Kylee Ann Photography & Some other talented and beautiful people.  Hair & makeup by the lovely Tiffany Johnson. Breona even rocked my dress, and another photographers jewelry and yet another photographers shoes haha, that's how we roll! It wall came together beautifully and turned out pretty amazing, it was so much fun. I love meeting new people in the industry & sharing the love for what we do!


Can you believe that Kenzie is only a senior in high school? I think she has s future career in modeling! While I was editing these my daughter says to me "Mom, why didn't you take me to meet Elsa?!" Kenzie,  the dress, the lighting, everything was just so dreamy! I think her prom date is going to have a problem keeping his jaw off of the floor, what do you think? 
HMUA: AEM makeup